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Frequently Asked Questions in Regina

Future Fence in Regina receives a number of frequently asked questions about our process and the products we offer. Read on below to see just some of these questions and their answers.


Concave Style 2 fence

Is the vinyl you use recycled vinyl?

Our supplier uses only virgin vinyl in the fencing products we offer. The reason is that PVC resin is the main component in these materials, and in order to maintain superior product quality, new resin must be used every time, as used resin can be weaker and less dense. Recycled vinyl would significantly affect the resilience and UV protection of the finished vinyl fencing product.

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Is vinyl a popular alternative material to wood for fencing?

It is growing in popularity due to its affordability, weather resistant capabilities, smooth surface, and low maintenance. It also doesn’t fade from chlorine as wood can.

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How is a vinyl fence installed?

Future Fence installs vinyl fence by inserting rails into each post using a tabbing or notching tool. Different styles require different fasteners, but overall, the process is quick and easy!

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Is vinyl fencing easy to clean?

For normal dirt, a good spray with a garden hose will be enough, but for stubborn stains such as oil, grease, rust, and tar, cleaning agents such as solvents or oxalic acid may need to be used. We can provide you with detailed cleaning tips upon installation.

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Can I paint a vinyl fence or railing?

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl over other materials such as wood is that you don’t need to paint it. It is not recommended to paint the fence for the sake of changing the color.

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