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Several Types of Fencing Products & Services in Regina

Future Fence has several types of fencing products to choose from, with the services to support them, including installation and repair.



We have privacy fences available in several colors ranging from white to earl gray, green teak, and honey maple. Privacy fences are at least 6’ high and there are no spaces between the pickets.


Future Fence also offers semi-privacy fences, which are similar to privacy fences but feature a small amount of space in-between pickets. This fencing is available in white or tan, along with other colors by special order.

Garden Accessories

Garden accessories define the area of your garden, but they also add to your landscaping design. There are pergolas, flower bed fencing, and other options available, made with vinyl so you never have to paint them.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are convenient and at Future Fence, we can install one to fit any area size.


We have specialty fences for ranches that feature widely spaced horizontal slats (8 feet with a 2 inch rail) so you horses and other animals can roam freely while staying within your property boundaries.


Meadowbrook fences are also available, which are 3’ high, 6’ wide fences that look like the classic white picket fences, but are made with durable vinyl.


This type of fencing, also known as open scalloped picket fencing, is a dynamic choice for yards and gardens, often accompanied by a pergola or other accent structure.


Similar to the courtyard fence, homestead fencing is also scalloped, but has a convex, routed edge for a streamlined look.

Town & Country

Available in 6’ or 8’ panel heights, this fencing style can be white, tan, or specialty ordered in another color and features a closet picket design.


If you’re looking for a more decorative option, ornamental fences have gothic caps on the fence posts and arrowhead picket caps along each section, with several variations to choose from.


Future Fence in Regina also offers decks for residential and commercial properties. We install vinyl decks, which are cooler in the summer than wood decks because they reflect instead of absorb heat. They’re easy to install and chlorine safe. We have designs for yards as well as long and narrow decks for boat docks and lake resorts.


We also have vinyl railing products available for your outdoor staircases, decks, patios, and balconies. Experience maintenance-free privacy in your yard or create borders for various commercial areas such as pool decks and hotel room balconies. Future Fence has railing options to fit every application.


Columns add support and style to any wrap around porch. There are up to nine different style combinations to choose from, with stone or vinyl column options. Metal inserts add load bearing strength as well.

Fence Installation

Future Fence installs every type of fence we sell. Once you have chosen the type of fencing material you need, we can schedule the installation and provide an estimate. We work with homes and businesses to accommodate their busy schedules, with some fencing designs completed in one day.

Fence Repair

If your current fence is in need of repair, Future Fence offers that service as well. Many times, replacing one or a few pickets, posts, or caps is much faster and easier than replacing the entire section. Our team will inspect your fence to determine exactly what repairs are needed, provide an estimate, and get your fence fixed as soon as possible.

DIY Packages

For those who enjoy completing their own hands-on projects around their home, we also offer do-it-yourself packages for fences, decks, and railing. These packages include detailed diagrams, accessories, and more to get your fence installed on your schedule.

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